Can You Drink And Kayak? Places – 2022

There is no doubt that kayaking is a fun and exhilarating activity. However, many people may not be aware that it is also a great workout. In addition to being an excellent form of exercise, kayaking can also be enjoyable on hot summer days when you want to cool down.

So, can you drink and kayak? The answer is yes, but it’s important to use caution when doing so.

In this article, we will explore the safety of drinking alcohol while kayaking, as well as some tips for staying safe on the water.

Can You Drink And Kayak?

Of course, the most important thing to remember is that kayaking requires attention. Whether you are on a lake or river, you have to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for obstacles.

Accordingly, it may not be the best idea if you plan to drink alcohol while kayaking. After all, being intoxicated does a great deal of harm to your coordination and reaction time.

The Effects Of Alcohol On Kayakers

As with any sport or activity, you want to be 100% focused on what you’re doing. With kayaking, the effects of alcohol are simply not worth it. Alcohol slows down your reaction time and makes coordination more difficult. So if you find yourself losing control of the kayak even a small amount, this could lead to disaster.

Alcohol reduces your ability to make sound judgments as well. If you’re thinking about drinking while kayaking, please remember that boats are heavy objects that do not mix well with water! Kayaks can easily flip over when paddled too hard, which is something that most people don’t think about before taking up this fun hobby.

Some may wonder if it’s okay to just have a few drinks before beginning their kayaking excursion. However, this is not recommended. Alcohol can remain in your system long after you’ve stopped drinking it, which may place you in danger while on the water.

Your blood alcohol level will only decrease once the alcohol has been brought through the processes of absorption, distribution, and elimination from your body.

To reduce your chance of an accident while kayaking, you should not take in any more alcohol at least eight hours before going out on the water. In addition to being illegal in many places for kayakers under age 21 or 18 respectively, having a BAC over 0.08% could lead to charges if something does happen.

How To Safely Drink While Kayaking?

For those who want to drink while kayaking, there are ways to do so responsibly. You can have a few drinks just before or after kayaking. This allows you to enjoy the activity without being impaired by alcohol. Another option is to bring a small cooler with a few drinks and food for a day on the water. As long as you follow these precautions, taking a couple of beers out on the water should be no problem!

Some tips for staying safe when drinking include not going alone and making sure someone knows where you’re going and when you expect to return. It may also be wise to stay close enough that you could swim back if things go wrong.

What To Do If You Get Into Trouble While Kayaking?

When in doubt: go with your gut. If you think something seems unsafe then it probably is best to play it safe and head back to shore.

Once you’re done kayaking, remember that alcohol and extreme heat don’t mix well. This can be an even bigger problem when boating due to long hours sitting still in the sun so please plan accordingly and drink plenty of water!

Kayakers should also know their limits. You may love drinking beer while spending time on the water, but if you only do so occasionally there’s no need to overdo it all at once. Instead, enjoy yourself responsibly and have fun without taking any unnecessary risks.

The Best Places To Drink And Kayak In The World:

Here are some of the places in which you can do kayaking with drinking.


The Gold Coast is a popular destination for kayakers and those who want to go try their luck at fishing. Here, you can find the Berry Islands and enjoy local attractions like Dreamworld.


With its clear waters and unique wildlife, Texas is an excellent place to kayak as well as drink responsibly with your friends! Venture out onto Caddo Lake, which you can easily access from nearby cities such as Fort Worth or Shreveport.


Kayaking in this area provides tourists with some of the most beautiful views around! The small town of Hvide Sande has numerous facilities where you can enjoy your time on the water while also trying some traditional Danish food.


This area has it all!  You can kayak into the great outdoors, have a few drinks with friends, and then finish up your day watching an outdoor movie at The Wave.


Kayaking near Athens offers you views of Mt. Hymettus as well as plenty of delicious food to enjoy after spending the day on the water. If you’re looking to refuel after being out on the water for hours, you should check out traditional Greek restaurants like Klimataria Psiri in Plaka or Cucumber Beach Restaurant & Lounge in Faliro where you can sit back and relax with some feta cheese and ouzo while watching the waves crash against the shore.


You can kayak along the coastline of Karnataka-Goa with ease! For those looking to have a few drinks while enjoying time on the water, there are plenty of bars in places like Canacona, where you can order local food and beers or cocktails.


If you love being out on the water but want somewhere that’s somewhat close to home for this activity, then Norway is an excellent place to visit. With its fjords and access to fresh seafood, making day trips into cities like Stavanger or Bergen is well worth it!

Tips For Beginners Who Want To Try Kayaking And Drinking

No matter where you are, there are always some safety precautions to keep in mind when trying out new activities. Kayaking is no different, so be sure to check with local authorities before heading out on the water for the first time. 

It’s important to stay safe while drinking and kayaking, but it can also be fun! You may want to think about putting together a small kayak with friends rather than renting one. This way, you can all bring drinks with you and have fun without having to focus too much on paddling.


Can you drink and kayak? The answer is yes. Just make sure you do it responsibly and remember to take your time getting used to a kayak before going too far away from the shoreline. I hope this article will be helpful for you.


Q1. Is it safe to kayak after drinking alcohol?

Yes, it is safe to kayak after drinking alcohol.

Q2. Can you go kayaking while drinking alcohol?

Yes, but only with a professional instructor.

Q3. Is it safe to kayak after drinking alcohol?

Yes, it is safe to kayak after drinking alcohol. Drinking in moderation and practicing common sense while on the water are key to ensuring safety. Drinking heavily increases your risk of accidents while out on the water.

Q4. Can you drink and kayak Australia?

Yes, as long as you don’t drink too much and stay within your limits. Alcohol and kayaking can be a dangerous mix, so always be careful.

Q5. Can you drink and kayak UK?

There are no laws in the UK prohibiting drinking while kayaking, but we don’t recommend it. Alcohol impairs your judgment and slows your reaction time, both of which could be dangerous while paddling. Plus, it’s just not that much fun to drink while sitting in a kayak!

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