How Much Does A Pelican Kayak Weight? Examples – 2022

Pelican kayaks are the best way to get out on the water and enjoy your time exploring or fishing in the great outdoors. Pelican kayaks can weigh anywhere from 19 pounds to 78 pounds depending on size, weight limits, and functions. 

The weight of a pelican kayak is can determine by many methods. Let us start to know more about pelican kayaks and how much does a pelican kayak weight.

How Much Does A Pelican Kayak Weight

Mostly a pelican kayak weighs around 39 pounds or we can say close to 40 pounds. Pelican kayaks are great for solo, sit inside, sit on top, and entry-level fishing kayaks. They are also great for recreational paddling. Their weight range is perfect for recreational paddlers.  Due to their lightweight, they are an ideal kayak for fishing and outdoor activities. 

The 39-40 pounds is an ideal weight for kayaks and most people like to carry lightweight during their outdoor activities.

So we can say that the lightest weight of Pelican is 19 pounds and the heaviest Pelican Kayak can be 78 pounds.

Now I am sharing more information about the different types and their weight of Pelican Kayak. It might be helpful to gain more information about Pelican Kayak weighs?

Examples of how much Pelican kayaks weigh:

1. Pelican SOLO (youth)

Weigh of Pelican Solo is 19 pounds (8.5kg).

2. Pelican ARGO 80X

Weigh of Pelican ARGO 80X is 27 pounds (12.5kg).

3. Pelican ATHENA 100XP

Weigh of Pelican ATHENA 100XP is 34 pounds (15.5kg)

4. Pelican TRAILBLAZER 100 NXT

Weigh of Pelican TRAILBLAZER 100 NXT is 35 pounds (16.0kg) 

5. Pelican ARGO 100X

Weigh of Pelican ARGO 100X is36 pounds (15.5kg)

6. Pelican ARGO 100X EXO

Weigh of Pelican ARGO 100X EXO is 37 pounds (17.0kg) 

7. Pelican COVE 100XP

Weigh of Pelican COVE 100XP is 38 pounds (17.0kg) 

8. Pelican SPRINT 106XP

Weigh of Pelican SPRINT 106XP is 39 pounds (17.5kg) 

9. Pelican ARGO 100XP

Weigh of Pelican ARGO 100XP is 40 pounds (18.0kg) 

10. Pelican SPRINT 100XR

Weigh of Pelican SPRINT 100XR is 41 pounds (18.5kg)

These types of Pelican Kayaks will help you to know about the weight of Kayak and you can easily answer the question pelican kayak weight? 

Pelican Kayak Weight Limit Examples

Pelican kayaks are great for people who want to go out on the water without having to worry about how heavy their kayak is. They are made to be very stable and easy to paddle. They are also very durable because they are made of plastic.

Pelican kayaks are lightweight models that weigh less than 100 pounds. These kayaks are designed for beginners who want to learn how to paddle a kayak or for those who need a lightweight model for recreational use.

These are some heavy-duty pelicans. Their weight capacity is over 300 pounds. The largest one weighs almost 400 pounds.


Hopefully, this article about how much does a Pelican kayak weight will be helpful for you. So choose a kayak of your own choice and enjoy your outdoor activities with your favorite kayak.


How much does a 10-foot Pelican kayak weigh?

A 10-foot Pelican kayak weighs 30ibs. 

Is Pelican peak 100 a good kayak?

Yes, The Pelican Kayak is very good for beginners. It is a perfect sit-in kayak.  

How much does a pelican fishing kayak weigh?

A pelican fishing kayak weighs 69 Ibs.

How much does a 10 Pelican kayak weigh?

The kayak itself weighs around 30-35 pounds and can hold up to 400 pounds.

How much does a pelican tandem kayak weigh?

A pelican tandem kayak weighs 73 lbs.

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