Where to Kayak In Pittsburgh? Best Places – 2022

Kayaks are great fun and a good way to enjoy nature. They also provide a unique perspective on the landscape and allow you to explore new places. If you want to try out kayaking in Pittsburgh, here are some of the best spots to get started.

Kayaking is a great way to experience nature. There are many opportunities to paddle around rivers, lakes, and even oceans. The only thing you need is a kayak and a place to launch it. Most of the people asked this question where to kayak in Pittsburgh?

So here are we will discuss it:

Kayaking In Pittsburgh Top Spots

There are numerous opportunities to go kayaking around Pittsburgh. You can do flat water, white water, and even lake paddling. You can likewise get out on the water without leaving downtown. We’ve put assembled this short list of places that mentioned below:

Where to Kayak In Pittsburgh? 7 Perfect Places

Living along the three rivers offers some pretty spectacular benefits to Pittsburgh residents. You can cruise down the river on a boat or in a kayak or canoe.

The North Shor:

The North Shore is a great place to visit if you want to see some amazing sights. You can take a kayak out there and explore the shoreline. There are many places to go, including Heinz Field, Pnc Park, and the Carnegie science center.

The North Park:

North Park is located at 303 Pearson Mill Road, Allison Park PA 15101. You can spend a leisurely Day aboard the waters of Loyalhan Lake. The recreation area offers Picnicking and Camping Sites, an Ideal Spot for a Quick Getaway.

Bush Recreational Area: 

Bush Recreational Area is located at 720 bush road, new Alexandria, pa 15670. 5. This is a beautiful place to relax after a long hike, bike ride, or fishing trip.

Maurice K. Goddard State Park (Sandy Lake, PA):

Maurice K. Goddard State Park (Sandy Lake, PA) is located at 684 lake Wilhelm road. 6. Moraine state park is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy nature. There are 2 beaches, and there are many activities available. You can go swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking.

Keystone State Park:

Keystone State Park is located at 225 Pleasant Valley Road in Portersville, Pennsylvania. There are many activities you can do there such as fishing, hiking, biking, and you can also go kayaking on the lake.

Conemaugh River: 

Spend an endless summer day at the Conemaugh River. Take a kayak or canoe trip down the Conemaugh River from Saltsburg to Ohiopyle State Park. Hike along the banks of the Youghiogheny River at Ohiopyle.

Ohiopyle State Park:

Ohiopyle State Park is located in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. It is near the Allegheny Islands State Park. It was founded in 1852. It has an area of 2.2 square miles.

Pittsburgh Kayaking Rules

Kayaks are simple vessels that require no licensing. You can rent them without having to worry about getting a license or anything else. A kayak should be easy to use and understand.

In the city, be aware that there are many boats moving around. You need to stay away from them as much as possible.

Rivers of Steel has a step guide for navigation of locks. Similarly, on the Ohio River is shields lock and dam. All areas with this feature require prior knowledge and experience to navigate. They are not always easily seen. Be sure you know the river hazard before setting out.

The Best Kayaking In Pittsburgh

Kayaking is a popular activity during the spring, summer, and fall seasons in Pittsburgh. There are many great places to launch from and rent kayaks, and there are also tour companies that are convenient. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day in the city, an adventure away from the city, or something else entirely, Pittsburgh offers plenty of options.

Pittsburgh’s three rivers converge in the center of the city at Point state park. You’ll find the river Ohio to the west, Allegheny to the east, and Mon to the south. Official and unofficial boat launches on all three rivers. Paddle parts of all three in one day.

Launching at the North Shore means you’ll be able to paddle around Pittsburgh’s waterfront. Expect to see plenty of busy city scenes, including skyscrapers, a city park, PNC Park (the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates), and waterfront restaurants with easy boat access. Stop by local spots like The Foundry for some delicious burgers and craft beers, or Burgatory for an old-school burger and shake menu with a modern twist.

South Shore Riverfront Park is a great place to kayak out of town. You can get a nice view of Mt. Washington and the city skyline while paddling along the river. North Park also offers a nice view of the city skyline and some nature to see as you paddle along the lake.

Paddle Pittsburgh Tips For Kayaking the Mon Ohio Allegheny Rivers

Pittsburgh is a great place to go kayaking because there are many places to paddle. There are also lots of things to do while you’re on the water. You can eat at waterfront restaurants or drink beer at local breweries.

Paddling is fun! You can go anywhere you want. You can even paddle around downtown Pittsburgh.


I hope you enjoyed this article and it will help you to decide Where To Kayak In Pittsburgh. And now you are able to make a decision to choose a place. You got a lengthy list of places where you can enjoy your vacations.


Q1. Do I need a license to kayak in Pittsburgh?

No, you do not need a license to kayak in Pittsburgh.

Q2. Where can I launch my kayak in Pittsburgh?

You can launch your kayak at any of the following locations:
• Point State Park
• North Shore Riverfront Park
• South Shore Riverfront Park

Q3. How far is the nearest public beach?

There are no public beaches within 10 miles of the city. However, you can visit the Great Lakes Waterparks & Resorts located near the airport.

Q4. What are the best places to kayak in Pittsburgh? Which ones should I avoid?

In addition to being a great way to explore the city, kayaking is a great form of exercise. It’s low impact and allows you to stay fit without spending hours at the gym.

Q5. Can I take my dog to the kayak?

Yes, but keep in mind that dogs must wear a life jacket and be secured in the cockpit when underway.

Q6. What should I bring on a kayaking trip?

A waterproof bag to store your gear in, sunscreen, sunglasses

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