Mounting Transducer On Trolling Motor: 5+ Methods In 2022

Are you looking for a way to mount your transducer on your trolling motor? and if you’re like most anglers, you also know the importance of having a good transducer mounted on your trolling motor.

If you are curious about mounting transducer on trolling motor, then you are lucky to be here, as i am going to share several methods and techniques that you can use to mount your transducer on trolling motor.

But first, let’s find out why it’s important to mount a transducer on a trolling motor.

Why Mount Transducer On A Trolling Motor?

There are a number of reasons why you should mount your transducer on a trolling motor. One of the main reasons is to get accurate depth readings and images. When using this technique, you can smoothly move at high speeds with accurate readings.

Another reason is to keep it protected from damage. The device may come in contact with objects in the water when you are fishing under rocks. It also helps you get rid of the clutter that comes with having a separate transducer and trolling motor.

When it comes to mounting your transducer, there are several techniques and methods that should be considered.

Methods For Mounting Transducer On Trolling Motor

The following are the main techniques and methods.

Methods 1. Drilling Holes On Your Trolling Motor

One of the methods is to drill holes on your trolling motor. The transducer should be mounted in front of the boat between the shaft and the lower unit. Ensure you check whether there are any moving parts near an area where you want to place or drill a hole.

Method 2. Electrical Or Double-Sided Tapes

Another way for mounting your transducer on trolling motor is to use electrical or double-sided tapes. The main challenge with this method is that the transducer will not be stable in case you are traveling at high speeds.

Method 3. Nylon Ties Or Cable Ties

Another popular technique when it comes to mounting your transducer on trolling motor is to take advantage of nylon ties or cable ties. Ensure to use nylon ties that can support your transducer, and ensure they are not going to break under the weight of the device.

Method 4. Waterproof Housings

Another method for mounting your transducer is through waterproof housing. These housings are lightweight and are available in the market. These housings are waterproof, making them perfect for the job.

Method 5. Use Of Fish Grips

Use of Fish Grips with trolling motor, a fish grip is a mounting tool used for holding the transducer in place on your trolling motor pole. Ensure you use this device properly to get accurate depth readings and images

So, these are the different techniques and methods you can use to mount your transducer on trolling motor. Furthermore, follow these instructions carefully to get done your device mounted on a trolling motor efficiently.


Mounting your transducer in the best way on trolling motor is not a challenging task. Using the methods stated above when mounting your device will ensure you get accurate readings when fishing. As some of these great ways to mount your transducer on your trolling motor, the main methods include drilling holes, double-sided tapes, zip ties or cable ties, fish grips, and electrical tapes.

In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of the different methods of the mounting transducers on trolling motors.


How to mount the transducer on trolling motor?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to mount your transducer on trolling motor is by drilling holes. Ensure you use a drill bit that is just smaller than the mounting screws to stop it from moving or shifting around.

What Depth Reading do I get with my transducer?

You will receive an accurate depth reading to ensure you know how far down the bottom is. With this, you can also keep track of different water layers and temperatures as well as find fish easily under rocks and other objects in the water.

What tools do I need when mounting my transducer on trolling motor?

You will require a drill with different size bits, electrical or double-sided tape, zip ties or nylon ties, and fishing grips if you intend to use them for this purpose.

Is my transducer mounted on trolling motor waterproof?

Land or sea, a transducer that is mounted on a boat trolling motor is always going to be exposed to water. Ensure you use a device that has been specifically designed to handle the effects of water and salt.

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