How to Hold a Bass Fish? Top 3 Methods

If you’re a fisherman, then you know that one of the most important things to do is hold onto your bass fish. This can be tricky, though, since bass is slippery and wiggly creatures.

The most commonly asked question is how to hold a bass fish?

The simple answer is that you can do it in a variety of ways such as gripping the fish’s lower jaw.

So, here are the different methods for holding a bass fish:

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What Type of Bass Fish is the Best to Hold?

The bass fish has a wide variety of types that can be caught. One of the most common type is the smallmouth bass, which usually weighs around one pound. To catch this type of fish you should usually use artificial lures because it’s not fished for very often.

You can hold the smallmouth bass by putting your middle and index fingers into the upper back area.

How to Hold a Bass Fish? Different Methods

There are lots of ways to hold a bass fish, and the way you do it will depend on the type of fish you’re holding. This guide is for those who want to know how do you hold a sea bass? by gripping its lower jaw. Here you get to see the different methods:

Method 1. Grip the Bass Fish’s Lower Jaw

This is a simple method for holding bass fish. The downside to this technique is that it makes it difficult to take good pictures of the fish. But if you don’t care about taking a picture, then this method should work well for you. 

To grip the lower jaw with your thumb and middle finger, put the fish into your dominant hand and then put two fingers in the lower back area. This grip works best on fishes that weigh over 4 pounds.

Method 2. Using a Thumb-and-Middle-Finger Technique

This technique is similar to holding the bass fish’s lower jaw with only one difference; here you use your middle finger, not your index finger. So, all you have to do is wrap your middle finger around the bass’s back and then place your thumb into the lower jaw.

As mentioned above, this technique can be used on fish that weigh over 4 pounds. This method works best because it provides a firm grip that isn’t likely to slip away. It also doesn’t make it difficult to take a picture, so you can show off your catch!

Method 3. The Clasping Technique

The clasping technique is similar to holding the bass fish’s lower jaw but instead of using your thumb and middle finger you use all five fingers. This method works best for bigger fishes that weigh around 1 kg.

Now you are well aware of the three methods for holding a bass fish, we want to provide some important information:

What Not To Do When Holding a Bass Fish?

When holding a bass fish you should make sure not to do the following:

  1. Don’t use your hands like pincers and squeeze it tightly; instead, hold the fish firmly but gently.
  2. When posing for a picture, don’t hold your fingers above the fish’s eyes, since it will scare them and they might thrash around.
  3. Never use your teeth to grip or hold onto a bass because you could easily lose your teeth!

You should remember these tips when holding a bass fish.

Tips for Keeping Your Bass Fish Alive and Healthy

After catching a bass, there are some tips you can use to keep it healthy while releasing it back into the water:

  • Make sure you wet your hands before holding onto the fish; this is because it reduces the chances of hurting the fish.
  • When fishing in cold weather, carefully remove wool or cotton gloves that might be worn on your hands.
  • Remember, bass fish are cold-blooded animals, so they need to be handled carefully; this means you should increase how long it takes to get the fish back into the water after catching it.


Now that you know these tips about holding a bass fish, we want to provide some additional information. In the end, we hope that this guide about how to hold a bass fish was helpful and that it will help you catch more of these slippery and wiggly creatures!


1. How much does a bass fish weight?

A bass is normally around 3-5 pounds in weight. However, there are some that weigh more than four pounds!

2. How long do you hold a bass for?

When holding a bass fish you should make sure not to hold it for longer than 5 minutes. Otherwise, the chances of it dying increase.

3. Where should you grip a bass fish?

The most common place to hold a bass is around the lower back area with your thumb and middle finger; this method provides a firm grip that reduces the risk of it slipping away.

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