How To Use Tandem Kayak That Can Be Used Solo? – 2022

Tandem kayaks are usually very stable and safe boats. A tandem kayak can be used solo if you have an idea of what to do with it when in the water.

It is a safe way for one person to get into the water without having to worry about how the other person will react. In a solo tandem kayak, people can paddle alone. Solo tandem kayaking offers a lot more freedom than double kayaking. When paddling a tandem kayak solo make sure that you have enough training time before you are paddling by yourself.

To know more about how to use tandem kayak that can be used solo, you can go through the article.

How To Use A Tandem Kayak Solo?

Tandem solo kayaks are designed just like any other kayak but there is only one seat so they can be used by both paddlers at the same time

They are perfect for those who want to experience something different or have some fun on their boat. They are best suited for leisurely paddles and trips where you don’t need to travel far. 

If you’re a beginner, look for a model that has flat seats and easy-to-use foot braces that ensure stability and safety.

Is It Safe To Solo Kayak?

Yes, it is safe. This can be fun and exciting but you should always make sure that you’ve had adequate practice before trying solo kayaking. 

It may be riskier to try your first solo trip under less favorable conditions such as windy or choppy waters. And always take the right precautions and follow the rules of safety.

The safest approach to soloing would be to use an experienced partner who knows how to handle a tandem kayak solo.

To protect against injury while solo floating, wear long pants made from soft fabrics, shoes that allow full movement of the feet and ankles, and a life jacket.

Which Kayak Is Better Single Or Double?

The answer to this question is double kayaking is much safer because if anything happens then both persons can help each other out.

It also provides greater maneuverability. It gives the opportunity to add extra seating capacity for friends and family. The extra seating space also makes space available for storage. 

A double kayak can provide additional stability and security, especially in rough weather.

Single kayaks are generally less expensive, carry smaller amounts of gear, and offer a limited amount of seating.

Most beginners prefer a single kayak because there are fewer things to learn. But the single kayak does not offer the same benefits as double kayaks, namely added stability and security.

Solo Trips Tips 

There are some tips for solo trips :

1. Make sure you have adequate training time prior to soloing. If you don’t, you could end up getting hurt.

2. Avoid doing too many fast turns and excessive rolling motion. These movements can cause injuries.

Also, avoid sudden stops or changes of direction when rowing back.

3. Try not to fight with waves or currents. Instead, try to let them guide you around rocks and other hazards.

4. Keep your head above water level. Don’t dive below the surface too often. This can lead to hypothermia (low body temperature). Avoid getting cold by keeping yourself well dressed including waterproof clothing, hat, gloves, etc.

5. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day. Take breaks during your paddle to rehydrate. Staying dehydrated will make you feel tired and lethargic thereby making you more susceptible to getting sick or injured.

Safety Rules For Soloing

Follow these safety rules when boating in a tandem kayak:

  • Always check the tides and current before setting out from shore and make sure they are OK before leaving port.
  • Keep the speed at a comfortable pace so that you don’t get bored.
  • Stick close enough together to lean on one another and reduce unnecessary fatigue.
  • Avoid fighting with waves and currents. Let them guide you around obstacles.
  • Never attempt to beach a solo kayak without proper equipment and training.

Where To Sit In A Tandem Kayak That Can Be Used Solo? 

The best way to sit in a tandem kayak solo is in the front row seat and the rear seat being taken by the paddler in the stern or back.

Both seats should be near the centerline so that if needed, all hands can turn on their respective sides quickly and effectively.

This arrangement has been proven to be very safe and easy to manage in high winds. You can always adjust your sitting position by moving forward or backward.

When you sit upright in the kayak, it is important to have a stable seat base. Your feet should touch the floor and your knees should be bent to maintain balance.


Hope you get all information about tandem kayak that can be used solo and how you have to manage your kayak while you are using it alone. You also get an idea about the kayak which is suitable for you and your friends who like adventurous activities.


What makes a tandem kayak different from a solo kayak?

A tandem kayak is usually bigger to allow both people to sit comfortably side-by-side and use the boat safely. The kayaker in the front row is called the skipper. While the person in the rear of the boat is called the passenger. 

Why do we need tandem boats?

If anyone wants to go on a long-distance, then tandem kayaks provide better flexibility and convenience as compared to solo models. If someone gets scared or gets lost along the way, he or she just needs to flip over and rest safely until help arrives. 

Can we carry things with us in a tandem kayak solo?

Yes you can! But not much. Most kayakers can fit a few basic supplies such as snacks, drinks, maps, a camera, cell phone, extra batteries, and other useful items inside a kayak. Tandem kayaks are generally smaller and lighter than solo models.

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