Why Are Pedal Kayaks So Expensive? Top 6 Main Reasons

Pedal kayaks are becoming more popular every year. They offer a unique experience that can’t be matched by other types of kayaks. However, they also tend to be more expensive than traditional kayaks. So, the most common question asked by many kayakers is that why are pedal kayaks so expensive?

While pedal kayaks are often more expensive than traditional kayaks because they offer many advantages. First, you’re able to travel longer distances with less effort. Second, you don’t have to deal with the struggles of paddling so these are some common reasons that make the kayak expensive.

Here you get the ultimate guide about the different reasons for the kayak’s high cost and the advantages of owning a pedal kayak.

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What is a Pedal Kayak and What Does it Do?

Pedal kayaks are variations of classic kayaks. Traditional kayaks use oars for propulsion, but a pedal kayak propels you forward or backward using pedals that you place under your feet. The advantage of this type of propulsion system is that it requires zero arm strength, meaning that anyone can use it and enjoy the benefits.

People of all ages can use pedal kayaks. Pedal kayaks are an ideal choice no matter your age, whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between.

Another advantage of kayaks that comes with the pedal drive system is that they’re environmentally friendly and easy on the body.

Pedal kayaks offer a unique combination of comfort and convenience, making them perfect for anyone looking for a new way to explore the water.

Why Are Pedal Kayaks So Expensive? Top 6 Reasons

While pedal kayaks are often more expensive than traditional kayaks, they offer many advantages. Some of the most common reasons for this are listed below.

1. Material of the Pedal Kayak

The material that the pedal kayak is made of plays a large role in its cost. While it’s possible to find a cheap model, most pedal kayaks are very high quality and often come with extra and convenient features such as storage compartments and waterproof cases for your phone or other items. High-quality materials also help to extend the life of your kayak, especially if you routinely go out on rough or shallow water or choppy waves.

2. Sophisticated Designs

Most pedal kayaks are designed with a lot of thought and care put into them. This means that they’re often more expensive but also offer a great experience for those who want to have the best available model.

3. Additional Features

Many pedal kayaks come with additional and convenient features that can make your experience more enjoyable. It might include a fishing feature such as rod holders for fishing, a waterproof storage compartment, or even a motor that can help you move faster through the water. If you’re looking for a kayak that can do it all, a pedal-driven kayak is often the best option.

4. Shipping and Handling

When you purchase a pedal kayak, you’re often not just buying the kayak itself you’re also paying for the cost of shipping and handling. This is because these kayaks are often very large and difficult to transport, which means that companies need to charge more in order to cover their costs.

5. Lack of Competition

The fact that pedal kayaks are still a relatively new invention means that there is a lack of competition in the market. This often drives up the cost of these kayaks as companies know that there is little chance of someone else entering the market and undercutting their prices.

6. Accessories

Finally, many people find that the cost of pedal kayaks is increased by the cost of accessories. Unlike traditional kayaks, which often come with all the necessary accessories included, pedal kayaks require you to purchase additional items such as a paddle and a life jacket. This can drive up the overall cost of owning a pedal kayak.

These are some of the common reasons why pedal kayaks are more expensive than traditional kayaks.

Pedal Kayak Vs Paddle Kayak: Key Differences

The main difference between the two is the paddles. With a paddle kayak, you have to use traditional paddles to propel yourself. With pedal kayaks, you use your legs instead of your arms. These pedal propulsion devices are fairly standard on most modern models.

Pedal kayaks also tend to be slightly faster than their paddle-powered counterparts, but they can be a bit more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

One of the main benefits of pedal kayaks is that they allow you to use your entire body to power the boat, which can be great for people who are looking for a more strenuous workout.

Pedal Kayaks Mechanism Increase the Cost

Another important factor that will increase the price of the pedal-drive kayaks is its mechanism. Pedaling system is definitely more complex than traditional kayaks. It contains more parts that need to be assembled and calibrated correctly in order to make it work smoothly. All of these extra and convenient features will definitely increase the cost of the kayaks.

Here you get the mechanism of the pedal kayaks:

  • The system has two pedals that will be connected to the drive shaft.
  • The drive shaft will then be connected to the propeller.
  • As you pedal, it will turn the propeller and this will help you move forward.


In the end, pedal kayaks are offering a unique experience that can’t be matched by another type of kayak. However, it is understandable that they tend to be more expensive than traditional kayaks due to their mechanism and extra features. Therefore, you should go for pedal kayaks only when you really need the unique experience because if not, your money will be better spent on traditional kayaks.

Finally, we hope that now you are well aware of why are pedal kayaks so expensive? and what is the difference between pedal kayaks and paddle kayaks.


How much does a pedal kayak cost?

Pedal kayaks usually start at around $500 and go up to $2000 depending on their features (added locks, storage, etc.) and the quality of the materials.

Where can I get more information about pedal kayaks?

You can visit different kayak manufacturers’ websites or look for reviews online.

What are the benefits of a pedal kayak?

Some of the benefits of a pedal kayak include increased speed, better maneuverability, and lower paddling fatigue. Additionally, they provide a unique experience that cannot be matched by other types of kayaks.

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