How to Make a Pedal Drive for Kayak? Detailed Step-by-Step Guide 2022

Pedal kayaks are a great way to enjoy the water without having to use your arms. They’re also more efficient than traditional kayaks. It will make them perfect for those who want a more leisurely time paddling and maximum stability. So, here the question arises of how to make a pedal drive for kayak.

All you have to do is to collect some tools, materials, and spare parts. After collecting the parts, now it’s time to design the pedal drive. First, make sure that the design is strong and durable according to your kayak’s size and weight.

Considering all the needs and requirements of a perfect kayak, here you get the step-by-step guide of how to put pedals on a kayak?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Pedal Kayaks

Before knowing how do you put the pedal on kayak, it is imperative to know about the benefits and drawbacks of pedal kayaks mentioned below.

Benefits of Pedal Kayaks:

  • Pedal kayaks are for those who want more efficiency on their water day trips.
  • Also, they’re suitable for long expeditions due to comfortable seats.
  • Another great benefit of the pedal kayak is that it doesn’t require physical strength.
  • You can use it without straining yourself against the current of water.
  • It is also very beneficial because it provides fast action and motion.
  • The pedal kayak is also helpful for those who need to relax sometimes during the trip and looking for a beautiful kayak for fishing.
  • Pedal boats are for people of all ages so that anyone can use them without any issues or problems whatsoever.
  • If you want quiet and dry performance, then pedal kayaks are perfect for you.
  • Moreover, due to the pedal kayaks, you can go up the river with free hands.
  • You don’t have to fight against rough water currents and waves as it is fully equipped with a pedal drive system.
  • Pedal kayaks are also very safe because they’re not affected by weather conditions such as storms, heavy rain, or windy days.

Drawbacks of Pedal Kayaks:

  • The pedal kayak is not as convenient as the rowing one.
  • Also, it requires more space and weight to carry on water or fishing trips.
  • It needs a secure place before you start your trip; otherwise, things may go wrong during travel.
  • Another drawback of this kind of boat is that they’re an expensive option compared with other kayaks.

How to Make a Pedal Drive for Kayak?

Making pedal-powered kayaks is an effortless task; you have to follow these steps:

Step #1. Collect Items You Need

The most important thing is to collect all the items you need for this task. You can find the below-mentioned items from traditional shops as well as online shopping websites.

The most important things that you need is mentioned below:

  • 8 boards for blades (You can use any wooden board)
  • Screws and bolts (for making joints of blades to the metal base plate)
  • Hinges (for the blade’s joint)
  • Metal plate (to fix under your kayak to make a pedal drive system)
  • Ropes, power drill, and other necessary tools

Step #2. Design the Pedal Drive

After collecting all the parts now, you need to design propel pedal drive system. Look for some online designs, blueprints, or images that can give an idea of how this system works and its components. Make sure that it is solid and durable enough to bear the weight of your kayak.

Step #3. Assemble Things Together

Now, it’s time to assemble all things together in a proper manner so that you can use them comfortably when needed. Make sure that everything works fine because this process will take much more time than designing or assembling parts separately.

Also, remember to add grease before using the pedal drive system on water trips as it reduces friction between moving parts while working under heavy load.

Step #4. Test the Kayak

After assembling all parts together, now it’s time to test your pedal ocean kayak on the water. Try testing with some weight first because if you’re not getting good results, maybe any of the components are damaged or need replacement. After successful testing, make sure that everything works fine according to how you planned it.

Also, remember to check all parts after coming back from water trips because during heavy loads. Some of the components may get stuck or damaged, so make sure they work properly next time you use this pedal kayak on longer journeys.

What is the Difference Between Pedaling and Paddling?

The paddle kayak is a traditional way of arranging water trips. In this process, you need to use both hands for paddling to make your boat move forward or backward on the river. If you are even using the excellent kayak with a paddle so it may be very challenging for you and you don’t feel relaxed.

On the other hand, the pedal drive system doesn’t require much effort from your side; all you have to do is move your legs as if you’re riding a bicycle. In this process, a pedal drive fishing kayak will automatically move forward or backward by using the rotational pedals and gear system installed inside it.

Pedal drive kayaks can go against water currents without any trouble because they have special and comfortable features such as blades. These blades produce thrust to make the boat go in the proper direction on water.


We hope that you got all the necessary information and instructions about how to make a pedal drive for kayak. Along with the complete process, you are also well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of using pedal drives. In the end, you are able to make a pedal drive for kayak without any hesitation.


What Are the Advantages of Pedal Drive Kayak?

The most important advantage is that they’re effortless to use because you don’t need any special skills to operate this kind of boat on water trips. You only have to move your legs as if you’re riding a bicycle, and it will make your whole kayak move in any direction you want.

Can Pedal Drive Kayaks Go Against Water Currents?

Yes, they can go against strong water currents by producing thrust with the help of blades installed under them. It makes this kind of boat ideal for longer journeys on tough terrains, too, where it is not possible to reach using paddling kayaks.

Are Pedal Drive Kayaks Easy to Control?

Yes, they’re very easy and simple to control because their operations depend on how you move your legs as if riding a bicycle or push pedals from your feet. It makes it an ideal choice for beginners who are not familiar with watersports.

Are Pedal Drive Kayaks Expensive?

No, pedal drive kayaks are not that much expensive because their price depends on the quality and durability of different components used inside them. It can vary from one model to another depending upon size, color, design, etc.

If you’re buying a good brand, it will definitely cost you more and you get expensive kayaks, but if you’re looking for a cheaper one, it will cost you around $200 to $400.

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