SUP Vs Kayak: Which One Is Best – 2022

There’s been a lot of talks lately about stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) and the popularity they are gaining over kayaks. Some people are convinced that SUPs have completely replaced kayaks as the water vessel of choice.

What is the best kind of watercraft for enjoying your time on the water SUP or kayak? If you are someone who enjoys spending time on the water, then both SUPs and kayaks can be a great option for enjoying your time. However, to be honest SUP provides more features as compared to kayak. And it’s also easy to use especially for beginners and you can take partner with yourself as well as great for fishing.

Carry on, here I’ll share additional information about sup vs kayak, such as their benefits and disadvantages.

How Do SUPs And Kayaks Differ?

For the most part, SUPs and kayaks are not similar in any way. Kayaks are usually large enough for one or two people to sit inside of them while paddling through the water. Depending on your type of kayak you might even be able to stand up from time to time as you paddle with a traditional kayak.

Kayaks are also typically faster than SUPs, but they can’t go as long without tiring out the paddler. This is mostly because kayaks are smaller and designed for one person to sit in them with a two-sided paddle. Kayaks also have a covered deck so your stuff won’t get wet even if you flip over.

SUPs are much larger than kayaks. They are usually at least 10 feet long and are very wide. The deck is open so you won’t have to worry about any of your stuff getting wet while you stand up on the board to paddle through the water. It’s also easy to carry a SUP when it isn’t inflated, so if you have to carry it over a long distance, it won’t be too bad.

While kayaks are very simple machines, SUPs have all kinds of extra features that make them stand out. For instance, you can climb up on top of most inflatable SUPs since they are so big. You can also stay standing almost the entire time you are paddling thanks to the large surface area of most SUPs.

SUPs: Benefits and Drawbacks

The following are the main benefits of SUP that make it the perfect boat for most situations:


  • They provide you with a stable platform for fishing, surfing, and yoga sessions.
  • Most boards come with paddle holders which will make it easier for you to go hands-free when you’re trying to catch something.
  • They are easy to transport thanks to their lightweight design. Sometimes paddleboards even come with bags that allow the board and the paddle to fit into them all at once.


  • The only drawback that most people have mentioned about SUPs is how hard it can be to carry them when they are deflated. Some boards come with backpacks for the paddle and the board, but you’ll still have to carry everything by hand if you don’t have a car.
  • On top of this, inflatable SUPs aren’t really ideal for long distances because they can wear out if you carry them over a large distance.

Kayaks: Benefits and Drawbacks


  • They are very fast. Kayaks can move through the water at incredible speeds, and they don’t require that you use your entire body to paddle. You just need to paddle with one arm or leg if you want to go faster without getting tired out too quickly.
  • Since kayaks hold only one person, you will be able to sit in one very comfortably. This is great if you need to spend long periods of time out on the water.
  • You can fish while sitting down because kayaks are designed with comfort in mind.


  • There are not many downsides to owning a kayak. However, you will need to make sure that it is always inflated, which means carrying around an air pump all the time. You’ll also have to make sure that you’re wearing a life vest (PFD) before you go paddling.
  • Some kayaks come with bulkier designs that can make it harder for you to transport them over long distances.


At the end of this article, I hope you have enough knowledge of SUP vs Kayak and you better know now which is best for you? SUPs definitely seem better for fishing than kayaks because you won’t need to carry around gear like an air pump or a PFD.


Q1. What is the best SUP for fishing?

If you’re interested in getting a paddleboard specifically for fishing, then we think it’s best to look for boards that are wider than most. This will allow you to stand on top of the board without falling over, and it will also give you more stability.

Q2. What is the best kayak for fishing?

Kayaks are incredibly versatile machines, but they aren’t the best at anything in particular. If you’re fishing, then we suggest getting a kayak that’s best for flat water like lakes and ponds.

Q3: What kind of fish can I catch in a SUP?

Inflatable SUPs are too wide to pull fish out of. If you want to catch fish on a SUP, we recommend getting one specifically designed for fishing.

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