Sit-In Kayak vs Sit-On | Difference – 2022

When choosing a kayak, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether to choose a sit-in or sit-on kayak. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

So how do you decide which is right for you to sit in a kayak or sit on a kayak? The simple answer is that sit-on kayaks are designed for fishing and some whitewater paddlers, while sit-in kayaks are better suited for flatwater paddlers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the differences between sitting in and sitting on kayaks and help you decide which is the best option for your needs.

What Is Sit In A Kayak And Sit On Kayaks?

Sit-in kayaks are typically much more stable because when you’re in the water and waves and even when you stand up, your weight helps stabilize the kayak. Sit-on-top kayaks, however, provide a little less stability because there is no weight in the boat holding it down.

The Difference Between A Sit-In Kayak And A Sit-On Kayak:

Sit-In Kayak:

The sit-in kayak has a cockpit that you sit in with your legs stretched out in front of you. You generally have to put the kayak on top of your car or in your garage because it won’t fit in most car trunks.

Sit-On Kayak:

The sit-on kayak is designed for fishing and has a large open cockpit so you can quickly move from sitting to standing. You can find sit-on boats that will fit in most car trunks, but some people do choose to keep their kayaks on top of their cars because they’re so lightweight.

What Are The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Each Type Of Kayak?

Benefits of sit-in kayak:

  •     More stable
  •     Better for flatwater paddling
  •     Easier to get in and out of a sit-in kayak

Disadvantages of sit-in kayak:

  •     Doesn’t fit into most car trunks which means you’ll have to store it outside.
  •     Usually more expensive than a sit-on kayak

Benefits of sit-on kayak:

  •         More stable than a sit-on-top kayak.
  •   Great for fishing.
  •     You can find sit-on kayaks that will fit in most car trunks.

Disadvantages of sit-on kayak:

  •     Less stable than a sit-in kayak.
  •     You can’t stand up in a sit-on kayak unless you’re in calm water.
  •     You’ll have to climb out of a sit-on kayak to get back into it if you want to switch from sitting and standing.

Which Type Of Kayak Do Most People Prefer?

The most popular type of kayak is the sit-in kayak. Many people like this kayak because it’s roomier and more comfortable than a sit-on kayak, but it also depends on your personal preference. Sit-on kayaks are designed for fishing and paddling in calm water where you’ll want to be able to easily move from sitting to standing.

If you’re looking for a kayak for fishing or paddleboarding, then a sit-on model is likely the best option for you. If not, then sit inside kayaks are usually better because they provide more stability and comfort than sit-on kayaks.

If you live in a climate that provides cold winters, then you may want to consider getting a kayak that can fit into your garage or at least one that won’t take up too much space outside.

If you’re also going to be using your kayak for overnight camping trips, then having a sit-in model is the best option because they’re much more comfortable and provide a dryer ride. Sit-on kayaks, on the other hand, may not be as comfortable because you have to sit in water so you’ll get wet or damp pretty quickly if it’s cold out.

So there you have it, the main differences between sit-in kayaks and sit-on kayaks. Keep in mind that if you want to add a seat or footrests, then it’s going to cost extra money because these are additional accessories.

If you’re not 100% sure which type of kayak is best for you, then it might be a good idea to try out the kayaks at a local boat or sporting goods store before making your purchase. You’ll be able to try both styles of kayak and see which one is more comfortable for you.


I hope this article about sit-in kayaks vs sit-on kayaks has been helpful. By now, you should know the difference between sitting in and sitting on kayaks and which one is right for you.

Sit in kayaks provide more stability and comfort, while sit on kayaks are intended for fishing or to comfortably move from sitting to standing.


Q1. Is the sit-on-top kayak is better than a sit-in kayak?

No. It’s just different, each has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what you want to do with it.

Q2. Which one is easy to control?

The sit-in kayak is easier to control as it is more maneuverable.

Q3. Which one is safer?

The sit-on-top kayak is considered safer, because you are above the water level, whereas in a sit-in kayak if capsized you are immersed into the water.

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