How To Put A Flag On A Kayak? 3 Useful Ways

Few things can make a kayak look more patriotic than a flag flying from its mast. When it comes to patriotism, there’s nothing quite like flying a flag. And what better way to show your patriotism than by attaching a flag to your kayak?

The question asked by many is how to put a flag on a kayak. The simple answer is that you can attach a flag to your kayak by utilizing one of the mast holes that’s already on your kayak. 

In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to do and give you some tips on the best types of flags to use.

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What Are The Different Ways To Put A Flag On A Kayak?

Flag placement is an important factor when considering putting a flag on a kayak.

There are several different ways to attach a flag to your kayak. Most flags come with the tools needed to attach them. All you need is your kayak, a paddle, and one of these flag attachment options:

Flag Pole Mount (Front Mount)

If you have a front-mounting mast hole, this is the easiest option for attaching your flag. You can find these holes on most kayaks.

Side-Mounting Mast Hole

This option works just like the front mount. If you have a side-mounting hole, all you need is the flag pole attachment that came with your flag kit. The point just rests in the hole and screws into place.

Attaching To Deck Rigging

One less common way to attach a flag to a kayak is through deck rigging. Most kayaks have holes in their deck for attaching equipment, and you can use these to mount your flag.

Best Way To Put A Flag On A Kayak

The best way to put a flag on a kayak depends on what you’ll be using it for. Fishing, racing, and recreational paddling are all examples of typical kayaking pursuits, but each presents its own set of challenges when it comes to attaching a flag.


If you’re fishing, the number one tip is that your mast hole should go all the way through to the other side. This allows you to attach a flag pole mount and secure your flag in place. If it doesn’t, you’ll have a difficult time keeping it from flopping around.


If racing is more up your alley, then side-mounting will give you better control of your flag as well as enable you to attach your flag pole mount.

Recreational Paddling

Recreational paddling gets a little trickier due to the fact that most recreational kayakers do not carry their own flags. You can get around this by using the deck rigging, which you can tie or clip onto an existing rope on your kayak and then attach your flag pole mount to it.

How Can You Make Sure Your Flag Stays In Place

You can make sure your flag stays in place, regardless of wind or water conditions, by doweling the flag to the bow of your kayak.

Marke Off The Drill Holes

First, mark off where you will drill holes on your boat. You can use masking tape to get an idea about how it will look, but if you want a precise design, there are plenty of software programs that allow you to create different graphics and layouts for various products.

Drill Two Holes

Once you have an exact layout, drill two holes. The diameter of the drills that will be inserted into these holes should be a little larger than the flagstaff that will eventually go in them. If you want your dowel to fit tightly in the hole, make sure there isn’t a significant difference between this width and the width of the flagstaff.

Cover The Holes

Cover the holes with a piece of electrical tape to keep them from getting bigger as you work on them. After you have used sandpaper to expand the holes enough for your dowel, use a tapered reamer to clean out any leftover debris from the hole. Make sure that even after this, there’s a snug fit between your dowel and your holes. If there’s a significant difference in size, you risk the flag coming loose when the kayak moves.

Cover Up Exposed Tape

Cover up any exposed tape with masking tape or electrical tape to avoid water damage. It is important that this entire process is done dry – once the dowel is inserted into the hole, it can’t be removed without damaging the kayak.

Now insert your dowel into one of the holes, leaving an inch or two above the surface of your kayak. Use a piece of masking tape to make sure it doesn’t slide out during any pushing or pulling motions associated with paddling.

Once it is in place, hold the dowel in the air with one hand, and use a pencil to mark where the drill hole will be made. Repeat this process for the second hole as well.


I hope this article has helped you to better understand how to put a flag on a kayak. The tone of voice in this content is informative because it is relaying information about the best ways to attach flags to kayaks.


Q1.  If you’re racing, what is the best flag type?

Side-mounting will give you better control of your flag as well as enable you to attach your flag pole mount.

Q2. Can you put a flag on an ocean kayak?

Yes, you can add a flag to an ocean kayak, but you will need to drill the holes through the deck rigging.

Q3. Can you put a flag on your fishing kayak?

Yes, but if you’re fishing, the number one tip is to make sure you don’t lose your flag.

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