How to Kayak with a Baby? 5 Best Methods

Kayaking with a baby can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to take some precautions to make sure both you and your child are safe.

So, how to kayak with a baby? the simple and common method is that you put your children in a kayak seat and paddle. Or you could just hold your kid while paddling!

But there are also many other ways that may be better for you and your baby that mentioned below:

Why You Can Kayak With a Baby?

Before knowing about the details of how to kayak with a baby, you need to know why there is no risk in kayaking with your kid.

In the pool age, every parent must have been asked this question from their children: Can I go on a ride? The answer might be yes or no depending on a few factors such as the type of attraction, height requirements, and age.

But in the case of kayaking with a baby, there is no such question of risk! Why? because kayaking with a child is just like the ride of the kiddie pool. Below are some reasons why you can go on it without any worry:

  • It’s fun for everyone! You will have a great time kayaking with a baby.
  • It’s safe for everyone! Kayaking doesn’t have any big risk of injury or death by drowning if your child falls into the water.
  • Your child will be able to learn how to balance his/her body from an early age, which can help them as they grow older and especially as they start to ride a bike.
  • It’s easy! You can teach your child how to kayak with a simple demonstration and show them how it works by taking the paddle for a bit.

How to Kayak with a Baby? Different Methods:

There are many different methods to kayak with a baby, which are better than each other depending on the weight of your child and weather conditions.

Method 1. Using a Kayak Seat:

Using a kayak seat is the most common method to kayak with a baby. In this method, you simply need to strap your baby into a child’s kayak seat and take him/her out for a ride.

It should be noted that there are two types of seats available on the market or online:

  • High-backed seat: it’s suggested for the child because its back provides extra support and stability to your baby.
  • Low-backed seat: In this, the baby is sitting in an upright position, so it can be a little challenging but fun for your child.

So, by using the kayak seat, you can simply kayak with your child. But it should be noted that you need to choose the right kind of seat depending on your kid’s weight and height.

Method 2. Holding Your Baby While Paddling:

This method is another way to provide safety to your baby while kayaking, which requires little effort on your part. You can hold your child in one hand while paddling with the other.

  • It’s easy for you! Because when you are holding your baby, it is almost impossible to balance yourself and lose control of the kayak.
  • Your child will enjoy the ride in your hands; he/she won’t feel insecure or alone.

So, this is another method that you can use to kayak with a baby.

Method 3. Using A Life Jacket:

Using life jackets is not only the best way to kayak with a kid but also this method provides your baby all-round protection from water, wind, sun and sharp items on the boat, etc. Yes! There are special kayaking jackets available on the market or online, which are incredibly comfortable for your baby.

  • You can use a life jacket even with a kayak seat; simply attach it to the child’s seat using straps and remove it when you don’t need it.

So, by using a life jacket, you can prevent your baby from drowning if he/she falls in the water.

Method 4. Paddle Float Rescue:

This method can be used if your child accidentally falls into the water while kayaking. So, by using this rescue technique, you are increasing your safety and ability to save your baby. This all-important skill is not only for rescuing your kid from water but also for saving your own life.

In this rescue method, you need to bring the child towards the kayak and then put the head of your baby between his/her legs while sitting on top of him/her in a re-entrant position. Now hold your baby with one hand and use the other to paddle back to the boat.

Method 5. Using An Emotional Support Animal

An emotional support animal can be one of the best ways to kayak with a baby. If you are looking for an alternative solution to take your baby out on water, then this type of pet is the perfect choice for you. You can bring your animal dog or cat along with you when kayaking anywhere.

These are the top 5 best methods to kayak with your baby that are fun for both of you.

Tips for keeping your baby safe while kayaking:

There are some tips to keep in mind while kayaking with your child. These are important for the safety of both you and your baby. They are given below:

Tip 1. Always make sure that both you and your baby are wearing a life jacket.

Tip 2. Make sure your child’s life jacket fits correctly. If it is too small, it can end up restricting his/her movement and cause discomfort, while a large one can slip over his/her head when in the water.

Tip 3. Before buying a baby kayak seat, make sure the height of your child’s shoulders is at least 1.5 inches above to the top of his/her life jacket collar.

Tip 4. The best way for teaching your kid to swim is by using “buddy system.”

Tip 5. Make sure that whenever you are about to get in the water, you always check for submerged logs and rocks.

So, that is all about how to kayak with a baby?


In the end, I would like to say that kayaking is a great way to spend time with your kids. So, if you are willing to go out on the water with your child but are unsure of what to do, follow these simple techniques for kayaking with your baby.


1. When Is It Safe to Take a Baby Kayaking?

You can take your baby kayaking as soon as he/she is old enough and big enough to hold his/her head up straight in the water. Usually, babies are ready to go on water after 6-7 months, but they must be constantly monitored by an adult. No matter how good your child is at swimming, you should never leave his/her side.

2. What Type of Life Jackets Are Safe to Use on Water?

It depends on the type of water that you will be kayaking in and how long you are going out for. If you are kayaking in an area with heavy currents or large waves, then you should use a Type III life jacket with additional flotation in the front and sides. These jackets are available on the market or online and are incredibly comfortable for your baby.

3. Where Can I Buy Baby Kayaking Life Jackets?

You can buy it at local sports stores or online on sites like Amazon. You can also find it on the websites of major kayaking companies.

4. What Is The Best Kayak Seat for Babies?

You can try using any one of these top 5 ways to kayak with your baby that are fun for both you and your child, listed above in this article.

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