How To Haul Kayak In Truck? – 2022

If you’re a kayaker, then you know that transporting your kayak can be a bit of a challenge.

In this article, we’ll share how to haul kayak in truck so that it’s safe and secure. We’ll also provide tips on how to make the process as easy as possible.

How To Haul Kayak In Truck?

The simple answer to this question is to buy a kayak hauling rack.

A good kayak hauler is the best way to ensure that your boat won’t become damaged during transport. The proper equipment can also help you avoid injury, so always invest in the highest quality rack available.

Measure Truck Bed And Determine If Kayak Will Fit 

Before you spend any money on a kayak hauler, you should measure your truck bed and see if the kayak will fit.

If it’s too big, then there’s no point in getting a rack. You’ll need to find another way to transport the boat.

Start by measuring the width of the outside walls of your truck bed. If they’re narrower than the width of your kayak, then they will fit in the back.

Next, check to see if there’s enough room for you to walk around in your truck bed. You should be able to fit comfortably next to the boat along its entire length.

Doors on the side of your truck bed might also need to be clear.

If everything looks good, then you’re ready to move forward with hauling the boat.

Purchase Or Build A Kayak Rack For Your Truck Bed

The simplest option is to use a tie-down system that’s designed for trucks. This will help you quickly secure the kayak in place so that it doesn’t move around during transport.

If your truck bed has sides, you’ll need to make sure they’re high enough to keep the boat from sliding off. You can also try strapping it to the bottom of the truck bed.

Be sure that you can lock both ends of your kayak hauler. Tie-downs are typically made with metal hooks, which might not be secure enough for long-term use. You can also buy straps that include built-in locks for an extra layer of protection. If the strap is cut, then the lock will stay locked and you won’t have to worry about your kayak being stolen.

When attaching a strap or hook to your boat, be sure that it’s on the outside of the hull. If it comes into contact with the inside of your kayak, then there’s a chance that you could damage it while hauling.

Your Options For Fitting The Kayak In Your Truck Bed

Not everyone owns an ute with an inbuilt kayak rack, which means that you may need to use other methods for carrying your boat.

The most common options are to drop the tailgate or side-rack the kayak.

Dropping the tailgate is the most basic option, but there are certain risks associated with it. The kayak may slide out if you encounter a bump on the road or you might accidentally damage your boat’s hull.

If you’re not comfortable dropping your tailgate, then make sure to tie down your kayak before starting the engine.

Using a truck side-rack will keep the kayak in place and provide you with an easier way to get in and out of your vehicle. They’re also useful for people who want to carry other gear, such as bicycles or surfboards.

When you use a side-rack, then you’ll need two points that are evenly spaced on your vehicle. You can usually find pre-drilled holes that are specifically designed to hold the kayak, or you could opt for using bungee cords if no other option is available. Keep in mind that an aside rack isn’t suitable if there’s a bike rack attached to your truck bed.

If your tailgate provides a strong enough surface, then you could also use screws or other types of fasteners to hold the kayak in place.

Regardless of which method you choose, always be sure to tighten all pieces as much as possible before driving. This will keep the kayak from bouncing around and reduce the chances of getting hit by other vehicles on the road.

Truck Bed Storage Racks

A lot of people use Yakima or Thule racks to store kayaks in the garage, but these aren’t always an option if you don’t have a ute.

Companies such as Malone Auto Racks and Rhino-Rack provide options for carrying your boat on top of your vehicle. These racks are more expensive than the alternatives, but they come with several benefits.

They make it easy to secure your kayak and keep it in place while driving. The crossbars also provide extra storage space for other equipment, such as bikes or luggage boxes.

This style of system is easy to attach and will only take a few minutes. If you have a roof rack, then there’s no need to remove it before hauling your kayak.


At the end of this article, I hope you learned how to haul kayak in truck and also learned the types of racks available.

Always be sure to double-check your kayak before driving and make sure there aren’t any loose parts such as paddles, carabiners, etc.


Q1. What is the meaning of hauling a kayak?

Hauling a kayak means carrying a kayak by any vehicle, generally trucks.

Q2. What are the types of racks available?

Straps and hooks are the two most common types used for hauling kayaks in a truck bed.

Q3. What are the first things to consider before hauling a kayak?

It is important to check if straps and hooks are tightened down, make sure the kayak is balanced, and do not drop tailgate as this may damage your kayak or hurt yourself.

Q4. Can a kayak fit in the back of a truck?

It depends on the size of the kayak and the truck. Most kayaks will fit in the back of a standard pickup truck, but some may be too large. If you have a kayak that is too large to fit in the back of your truck, you can try tying it to the roof. Just be sure to use proper tying techniques so that your kayak doesn’t come loose and fall off while you’re driving.

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