How to Get Out of a Kayak With Bad Knees? – 2022

Bad knees can make kayaking a difficult and frustrating experience. If you’re looking for how to get out of a kayak with bad knees, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll explore some easy methods that will help make kayaking more comfortable and enjoyable. Keep reading for helpful tips!

How to Get Into A Kayak?

The first thing to remember when you are thinking about how to get into a kayak is that there is no easy way. It can be hard for anyone, but once you’ve done it enough times it’s not so bad.

One of the main reasons people have trouble getting into kayaks is because they’re trying too hard to “plant” themselves in the kayak. When you do this, you end up pushing with your knees and that will put too much pressure on them to be comfortable.

Instead, follow these steps: 

Bend your legs: 

This will get your hips low enough to get into the kayak.

Start shuffling: 

Once you’re in position, it’s time to get into the seat. To do this, you need to slide one knee out and then the other. You can either keep your feet together or have them flat on opposite sides of the boat.

Get your paddle: 

You’ll need to reach across the kayak and get it before you’re ready to begin paddling.

Shuffle some more: 

Now that you’re in position, keep on shuffling until your butt is resting snugly (but comfortably) against the back of the seat. Your feet should be flat against the bottom of the kayak.

Lean forward:

Before you start paddling, lean forward to shift your weight onto your paddle side. This will help keep you balanced while you’re paddling.

How to Get Out of a Kayak With Bad Knees?

There are many advantages to paddling a kayak. It’s a great way to get some exercise while having fun on the water. Unfortunately, some people can’t enjoy paddle sports due to knee issues or other medical conditions that limit their mobility. How do you get out of a kayak if you have bad knees?

Here are four easy ways to get out of a kayak with bad knees:

Get an assisted kayaking model: 

These models will be easier for people who can’t use their legs well. They work by filling up with air, and the more air in the kayak, the more it will float and lift you up. This makes it much easier to get out of the kayak.

Use a paddle float: 

A paddle float is an inflatable device that you attach between your kayak paddle and your blade, just below where your hands are gripping the handle. This way, if you drop your paddle, the float will keep it afloat so you don’t lose it. If you can’t use your legs to get out of the kayak, this device can be a lifesaver.

Use a kayak lift: 

A kayak lift is another alternative that provides an easy way for people with mobility issues to get in and out of their boat safely. How does it work? It’s simple – you attach one end of the lift to your boat, and the other end of the lift to your car. Then you drive onto it, pick up your kayak, and take it off once you are done. How easy is that?!

Try a sit-on-top kayak: 

If none of these alternatives work for you, then maybe look into getting a sit-on-top kayak. These types of kayaks are designed for people who can’t use their legs and feet very well – they provide paddling opportunities while sitting on the top of the boat.


In conclusion, how to get out of a kayak with bad knees is not easy, but it can be done. How you choose to accomplish this task is up to you! Try one of the methods listed in the article, or come up with your own solution. The more experience you have kayaking, the better off you will be when trying to get out of a kayak with bad knees.


How to take a kayak off lift?

The best way to take your kayak off the lift is to get the lift up and over your head and behind you. This prevents it from getting in the way of anything, which helps make this process go more quickly. It’s also a good idea to look behind you before swinging it back, just in case there’s any nearby boats or people that need to get out of the way.

How to get in a kayak when you have bad knees? 

It’s important to keep your legs bent when getting into your kayak so you don’t strain your joints or cause any unnecessary pain. Also, it’s usually best to start this process by kneeling in front of or behind your kayak, then sitting down into it. How you choose to do it is up to you – just keep your safety and comfort in mind!

How can I get out of the kayak with bad knees?

There are many ways to get out of a kayak with bad knees. For example, you can use an assisted kayaking model, or use something like a paddle float to stay afloat in calm waters. How you choose to do it is up to you! Just make sure that you’re smart and safe about it.

Can you use a paddleboard with bad knees?

As long as you’re not placing too much strain on your knees, then yes – it’s possible to use a paddleboard. How you choose to do so is up to you! Just make sure that whatever method you go with doesn’t cause any unnecessary pain.

How to kayak with bad knees?

It’s possible to kayak with bad knees by using an assisted kayaking model, or by using a paddle float if you drop your paddle. How you choose to do it is up to you – just make sure that these techniques don’t cause any unnecessary pain or discomfort!

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