How Much Does A Kayak Instructor Make

How Much Does A Kayak Instructor Make? Advantages and Disadvantages – 2022

If you’re passionate about kayaking and are looking for a new challenge in your life, becoming a kayak instructor may be perfect for you. Instructor salaries vary depending on a variety of factors, but there is potential to make a very good living doing what you love. Read on to learn more about the salary range for kayak instructors and what you can do to increase your earning potential.

On average the kayak instructor makes 10$/h in the united state but it depends on many factors that we describe below.

Is becoming a kayak instructor something you have thought about doing? How much does a kayak instructor make? Do you want to know what the job market looks like and how much money you can make? In this article, we will discuss facts you need to know about becoming a kayak instructor.

How Much Does A Kayak Instructor Make?

The simple answer to this question is that kayak instructors make between $15-$30 an hour. Those who work at summer camps or resorts sometimes earn more. Instructors can make their own hours, although they may be required to work at night or on the weekends.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Kayak Instructor?

There are several benefits to working as a kayak instructor. These include the flexibility of your schedule and the fact that you can enjoy where you work and what you do. You may also be able to save up enough money to take trips, buy equipment or pay for tuition in order to advance your skills and knowledge.

What Is Required Of Kayak Instructors?

As a kayak instructor, you will need to have good communication skills, patience, and leadership abilities. You will also need proper training so you can instruct others properly. It’s important for instructors to remember their audience when designing lessons. This means considering age range, experience level, time constraints, and even physical ability.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Kayak Instructor?

In order to be a successful kayak instructor, you have to be patient and willing to work with people of all ages and fitness levels. You will be teaching your clients how to kayak safely on the water, so you have to be a good teacher as well as an experienced kayaker yourself. Instructors must also do some administrative work such as cleaning and restocking rental equipment at their home base.

Is There Room For Advancement As A Kayak Instructor?

After proving yourself as an effective teacher and demonstrating good leadership skills, you may be able to become the head of your company’s kayak department. You can also become a store manager or work for another outdoor sports company such as REI or EMS.

What Is It Like Working As A Kayak Instructor?

It’s very rewarding to be able to get people excited about kayaking. You will definitely keep yourself in good physical shape, too!

Skills That Are Necessary To Be A Successful Kayak Instructor

Here is the list of some skills that will help you in becoming a successful kayak instructor:

  • Leadership abilities
  • Patience
  • Good communication skills
  • Proper training so you can instruct others properly
  • A good teacher
  • Administrative work such as cleaning and restocking rental equipment
  • Good physical shape
  • Flexibility
  • Being able to work with people of all ages and fitness levels
  • A love for the outdoors

Advantages Of Working As A Kayak Instructor

The main advantage of being a kayak instructor is that you are outside, enjoying the water. You are also working with people instead of sitting in an office. The flexibility can be very beneficial to parents or individuals who want to do outdoor activities before the workday begins or after it ends.

The final advantage is that you will always know how to kayak and can go out whenever you want to kayak on your own time.

Disadvantages Of Working As A Kayak Instructor

However, if you have bad knees or other physical limitations, this job may not be for you because many hours during the day require standing on beaches and rocks. If you are stuck inside too much without much chance to go out on trips, this could become boring for you quickly.

Another disadvantage of being a kayak instructor is that if your company does not hold weekend events or activities, your schedule could end up becoming very repetitive and mundane.

Overall, working as a kayak instructor can offer many benefits that outweigh the disadvantages. You will be outside most of the time and sharing your passion with others who want to learn about it too. You may meet some great people along the way, and it will definitely keep you in good physical shape!

How To Find Kayak Instructor’s Jobs?

How Much Does A Kayak Instructor Make

1. First, you will have to complete your training and certification by taking a course through the American Canoe Association (ACA), which is an organization that sets standards for kayak instruction. The ACA course includes both land-based and in-water training, so you will learn the proper techniques for instructing people in kayaking.

2. You can find kayak instruction jobs both locally and regionally through your search engine of choice. If you know a company that offers kayak instruction, you could ask them about job vacancies as well.

3. Another option is to contact the ACA directly. The ACA has many different programs that aim to protect both instructors and kayakers alike, so they may be able to help you find work.


In the end, becoming a kayak instructor is definitely worth considering. You can meet people and stay in good shape, which is always beneficial. Just make sure that if you do not like dealing with groups or working indoors too much, this job might not be the best option for you.

I hope this article has helped you understand how much does a kayak instructor makes?


Q2: Where can I find a job as a kayak instructor?

Dave’s Finest Outfitters is one of the first places to go for employment opportunities as a kayak instructor.

Q3. How do I become a certified kayak instructor?

The first step to becoming a certified kayak instructor is to register with the American Canoe Association (ACA). From there, you must take a training course. Contact the ACA to register.





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