Can You Take a Kayak in The Ocean? Is It Dangerous – 2022

Can you take a kayak in the ocean? The answer is both yes and no. Kayaks are designed for calmer waters, such as lakes and slow-moving rivers. If you try to take your kayak out into the open ocean, it will be quickly overwhelmed by the waves and might capsize. 

However, there are some exceptions. Some specially designed kayaks can handle rougher water, and there are also kayaking tours that operate in more challenging environments. So, if you’re curious about ocean kayaking, keep reading to learn more.

Is Kayaking In the Ocean Dangerous?

Yes. Kayaking in the open ocean is much more dangerous than kayaking on lakes and rivers. The risk of capsizing your kayak will be much higher, which can put you at risk for hypothermia (getting too cold) or drowning. As well, waves might make it harder to see obstacles or get out of the way of large ships.

Can You Take a Kayak in The Ocean?

Kayaking in the ocean is possible,  but it is not a good idea for a beginner. It’s a good idea to practice your kayaking skills on calmer waters before going out into the open ocean. To make sure you have experience with kayaking, here are some tips:

1.Know how to turn your kayak in different directions; this will help you avoid hitting obstacles.

2. Know how to use the spray skirt to protect yourself from getting wet when paddling in choppy waters.

3. Practice your kayaking skills on calmer water, such as lakes or slow-moving rivers, before going out into the ocean. It’s a good idea to do this with an experienced kayaker so you can learn the right techniques to use.

4. You should not go kayaking in the ocean unless you have a formal kayaking course from an instructor, who can help you practice your skills and make sure you stay safe while kayaking.

What Kind of Kayak Should You Take into the Ocean? 

The type of kayak  you can take into the ocean depends on where you want to kayak. However, some kayaks are more suitable for ocean use than others.

Island Adventure Sports Kayak 

One example of an ocean-friendly kayak is the Island Adventure Sports  kayak, which has a V hull design to cut through waves smoothly. It’s very stable, so it can even accommodate two people with ease. Another nice feature is that it can fold up into a suitcase for easy storage.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler kayak

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler  kayak is another popular choice for ocean kayaking. It’s designed specifically with fishing in mind, but you could also enjoy the scenery and do some bird watching.

It has adjustable foot braces, so it’s easy to customize for your body shape.

Ocean Kayak Scrambler kayak 

What about more heavy duty ocean paddling? The Ocean Kayak Scrambler is a good choice if you want to take your kayaking into rougher waters. It’s less streamlined than the other kayaks mentioned above, but that makes it much more stable.

 It’s roomy enough for two people to take out into the ocean together, making it a good choice if you’re planning on bringing your kayaking buddy along.

Riot Kayaks Edge 13ft kayak 

Another heavy-duty option is the Riot Kayak Edge 13ft kayak. With a weight of 80 lbs, this is a more serious sea kayak that you’ll want to use for ocean paddling only. It’s designed with drop stitch technology, which makes it lightweight yet very strong and resilient in the water.

How to Choose A Kayak for Ccean Use? 

If you’re looking for a kayak that can be used in the ocean, there are a few things to consider:

1. Make sure it is a specially designed kayak that is less likely to capsize or get swamped by waves.

2. If the kayak has openings on top, make sure they have covers so that you don’t get soaked by waves or water spray.

3. Make sure that it’s strong and sturdy enough to handle ocean conditions.

4. Think about how much storage space you’ll need for your gear, so you can pick a kayak with the right amount of storage space.

5. If the kayak folds up into a suitcase, it may be lighter and easier to carry.

6. If you plan on kayaking with a friend, make sure the kayak is wide enough for two people and has enough safety features. 


In the end, ocean kayaking is possible, but it’s not recommended for beginners. You’ll want to have plenty of experience with kayaking in calmer waters before you go out into the open ocean. If you do decide to do some open-water kayaking, make sure you pick the right type of kayak for your purposes and plan ahead so that you feel prepared and confident.

We hope that  our article helped you to answer the question – Can you take a kayak in the ocean? 


Can you take a canoe out on the open ocean?

Yes, but it depends on what type of canoe or kayak you have. A canoe for casual paddling on rivers and lakes wouldn’t be a good choice. If you do decide to take your kayak or canoe out on the ocean, make sure it is designed specifically for those conditions and that you’re experienced enough to handle them.

Is it possible to rent a kayak for ocean use?

Yes, but again, most rental options are meant for calmer waters. You might be able to find something that will work if you’re willing to look hard enough and plan ahead. We recommend contacting your local tourism board and asking about what kinds of kayaking or canoeing rentals they have available. 

Where can you take a kayak in the ocean?

There are lots of places to go, but some popular choices include Hawaii, Alaska, and other coastal states that have large, open bodies of water. Keep in mind that there may be restrictions on where you’re allowed to kayak depending on local laws, so be sure to contact your local tourism board to find out what’s allowed.

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