Can You Kayak With A Dog? Tips – 2022

Can you kayak with a dog? The answer is YES, but there are some important things you need to know before you hit the water.

Here I’ll provide tips and advice on how to safely kayak with your furry friend. So whether you’re a first-timer, read on for the best ways to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

What Kind of Kayaks Are Best for Dogs?

The first thing you’ll need is a good kayak. Luckily, the market is full of pet-friendly options, so it’s easy to find one that suits your budget and style.  

Let’s take a look at some of the best dog-friendly kayaks on the market.

Sea Eagle Pro 370 with Rudder

The Sea Eagle Pro 370 is designed to accommodate both you and your pup. With plenty of room for your furry friend to sit, plus adjustable footrests and an adjustable backrest, it’s the perfect way to spend a day on the water.

Advanced Elements DogSeat

Advanced Elements 5-inch dog seat insert fits in any Advanced Elements sit-on-top kayak and provides your four-legged friend a comfortable perch for you to enjoy together.

Sun Dolphin Excursion SS 10′ Sit-Inside Kayak

This pet-friendly kayak is the right choice for casual paddlers. It’s very stable and easy to board, making it perfect for everyone in the family, including your pooch.

Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10′ Sit-On-Top Kayak

Bali is perfect for everything from rivers to lakes to calm coastal waters, making it a great choice for both you and your pet.

Can You Kayak With A Dog?

You can kayak with a dog, but before you hit the water there are some important things you need to know. 

Can Dog Swim?

The first thing you need to consider is if your dog can swim. While all dogs are different, most breeds have a natural instinct to paddle. However, this does not mean that your pup won’t need some help getting used to the water and staying afloat.

If your furry friend is not a strong swimmer, then you will need to take some extra precautions, like investing in a doggy life jacket.

Pick A Safe Day

Kayaking isn’t suitable for all dogs, as some don’t enjoy being around open water or may be afraid of it. Before going kayaking with your dog, pay attention to the weather conditions and do a little research on what other pet owners have to say about your plans. If you have any concerns, pick a different activity for the day. 

Get A Life Jacket

No matter how well-behaved and sure-footed your pooch is, there’s always a chance that he could fall overboard. That’s why it’s essential that he wears a lifejacket while you’re on the water. Not only does this provide your pet with added safety, but it also helps him to float if he falls into the water.

Don’t Take The Short Route

Kayaks aren’t the fastest way to travel, which means that longer journeys can be tiring and cumbersome for your dog. Pick a new route every time you kayak together to make it less boring for him.

Be Careful Around Other Boats

It’s important to be considerate of other boats when kayaking with your dog. As well as sticking to the slow-speed zone, make sure you keep an eye on what other boaters are doing, so you can avoid running into them and making a bad situation worse.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe In A Kayak?

The biggest challenge when kayaking with a dog is to make sure your furry friend stays safe throughout the trip. This means that before you set out on your journey make sure you have these things in order:

1. Check weather conditions and always be prepared for a change in the environment. If there’s a chance of inclement weather, postpone your trip.

2. Ensure you always have a life jacket for your dog that fits properly and is comfortable. They should not cause irritation or chafing.

3. Buy your kayak before buying any gear because your pup’s size will determine the type of kayak best suited to him/her (i.e., sit-on-top vs. inflatable).

4. Be prepared for all conditions with the necessary supplies (food, water, treats/toys, first aid kit, etc.), and have a place to store all of your items so you don’t have to leave anything behind.

5. Always have emergency contacts on hand just in case any issues arise along the trip.


You can kayak with a dog as long as you have the right equipment for your pup, are prepared for any weather changes, and have a place to store all of your supplies so you don’t leave anything behind.

And before you hit the water, make sure that everyone who is around him/her knows how to handle an emergency situation just in case one occurs.


Q1. Is kayaking good for dogs?

Yes, kayaking is good for dogs as it provides them with much-needed exercise and freedom that they don’t get from walking on a leash. It can also be a great bonding experience between you and your pup if done correctly.

Q2. How to keep dogs safe in a boat?

As long as you have the right gear for your dog and you’re prepared for any weather changes, there’s no reason why you can’t kayak with your pet. Just follow these tips and enjoy the experience!

Q3. What if your dog falls overboard?

If this happens make sure you have a life jacket ready for him/her and try to grab a piece of his/her fur or something he/she is wearing so that you can pull your dog back into the boat.

Q4. How to train a dog to kayak?

Start by teaching them how to get in and out of the kayak on command using positive reinforcement with treats, then go on small trips first before heading out onto rougher waters. Set boundaries for your pup before you go out so that he/she doesn’t jump off the kayak and into deep water.

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