What Kayak Length Should I Buy? Height Chart – 2022

Kayaks come in various lengths, from 20 feet (6 m) to over 100 feet (30 m). The more extended ones are usually recommended for experienced paddlers, however, they also require more maintenance. If you’re new to kayaking, you should begin with a more limited one.

A short kayak is more straightforward too, especially for beginners. They’re also cheaper and lighter, making them ideal for novice paddlers who don’t want to spend too much energy or cash on their equipment.

Here we come up with details about what kayak length should i buy?

Length And Width

Kayaks are longboats that are utilized for fishing or other water sports. Their lengths range from 20 feet to over 100 feet. A longer kayak offers more stability, speed, and mobility than a shorter canoe.

Recreational kayaks are about eight feet to thirteen feet long and made for smaller lakes, rivers, coves, or other calm waters.

Kayaks are usually longer, about fourteen feet to eighteen feet, and built to withstand big waves, bigger rivers, or oceans. You should consider your height when choosing a kayak. A canoe that is too short may not be comfortable for you. Make sure you’re able to comfortably fit inside your canoe.

For example, if your height is six feet tall and you weigh two hundred twenty-five pounds, a twelve-foot-long boat might be more comfortable for you than a ten-foot-long boat. Adjustable footrests can help accommodate your height. It can help taller paddlers in smaller boats and shorter paddlers in longer boats.

What Kayak Length Should I Buy According To Height Chart

You should get a kayak that fits your height and weight.

Low-Volume Kayak:

 A low-volume canoe is recommended if you’re under 5’6″ or weigh less than 140 pounds.

Medium Volume:

A medium volume kayak is recommended for people who are 5’7″-5’10” and weigh between 140-180 pounds.


High-volume kayaks are used by people who want to enjoy long trips. These boats are big enough to carry lots of equipment and supplies. A person needs to be strong to use these boats.

What Length To Width Ratio Is Ideal for Kayak

A kayak should be long enough to allow paddlers to sit upright while paddling, but not too long. A longer canoe may make it harder to paddle because it takes more effort to move forward. A shorter kayak makes it easier to paddle because there is less resistance when moving forward. Paddlers should choose a canoe that fits them properly.

Kayaks are very fast boats. However, they are also very dangerous and you don’t know how to handle them. A kayak with a very thin hull is more likely to tip over than a boat with thicker walls. This means that the extra speed and efficiency of a kayak aren’t worth much if you’re constantly tipping over.

Kayak Volume 

Kayaks come in different sizes depending on your height and weight.

1. Low-Volume Kayak

A low-volume kayak is ideal for smaller people who weigh less than 140 pounds.

2. Medium Volume

Medium volume kayaks are built for paddlers between 5’7″ and 6’10”. They weigh between 140 and 190 pounds.

3. High-Volume

High-volume kayaks are built to be used by paddlers over 6 feet tall. They weigh more than 180 pounds. Cubic feet or gallons is the actual size of the boat.

Kayaks are great for paddling around lakes or rivers. You should be able to fit into them comfortably.

A kayak length chart

A kayak length chart may help you decide what kind of canoe you need based on your height.

For Tall People: 

Kayaks are designed for paddlers who are taller than average. Taller paddlers need to consider the size of the cockpit when choosing a kayak. A canoe that measures about 12 to 14 feet long is ideal for taller paddlers. Make sure the kayak has adjustable footpegs as well.

For Short People: 

Kayakers who are 5’6″ or shorter should choose smaller kayaks. A kayaker’s weight affects how well he/she controls the kayak. Smaller kayaks have a lower center of mass, making them easier to paddle. Having short legs makes it harder to get into position when sitting down in the boat. Larger kayaks are heavier and therefore require more effort to move around in the water.

For Kids: 

Kids-friendly kayaks are stable boats that are easy to learn how to paddle. Kayaks are usually designed to be used by children who weigh less than 100 pounds. These boats are also fun because they provide an opportunity for children to get out into nature and explore.

For Overweight People: 

Kayaking is suitable for people of all shapes. There are kayaks designed to fit bigger paddlers. Don’t let your size discourage you. Wide beam sit-ones are easier to use because they give you more room.


We hope this guide about what kayak length should i buy is helpful and informative for you. It will give you an idea of how a canoe works before investing in a larger model.

If you already own a canoe, you can use this guide to determine which type of kayak would work best for you.


1. How do I know what size kayak to buy

The length of the boat depends upon how much room you need for storage, seating, etc. If you’re just going to fish, then you probably won’t need a boat that’s too big. 

2. Does my height or weight affect kayak size?

Yes, height and weight matter.  You need to measure yourself before buying a kayak. It’s important to make sure that you choose a canoe that fits you properly. 

3. What Is the Best Type of Kayak for Beginners?

A short canoe is more straightforward too, especially for beginners.

4. What Size Kayak Do I Need? 

Kayaks come in different lengths, but most people prefer shorter ones. You might want to try a smaller one first before buying a larger one.

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