How To Use Anchor Trolley? 5+ Best Tips

Do you know that you can use the anchor trolley? The anchor trolley allows you to adjust the position of your anchor easily and without getting out of your boat. But how to use anchor trolley?

To use an anchor trolley, you’ll need to install the anchor trolley system onto your kayak. This is typically done by attaching the trolley lines to the deck of your kayak.

After attaching your anchor to the trolley line. Then, you can place your kayak where you want it and drop your anchor into the water. The trolley will keep your kayak stationary so that you don’t have to paddle back after fishing or enjoying other activities.

Here I’ll teach you different methods of using anchor trolleys and some of their key benefits.

What Are The Anchor Trolley Uses?

An anchor trolley is a simple tool, consisting of a support cable and a winch. In order to use it, you need to attach both ends of the support cable to your anchor and load it into the anchor trolley’s well until you have enough cable out that the weight of your boat pulls down on its end near your bow. Keeping in mind all of your needs here are some uses of an anchor trolley:

  • Anchoring is easy when you use the anchor trolley.
  • Retrieving your anchor is fast when you use it.
  • You can easily move your boat when it is attached to an anchor trolley in order to get out of uncomfortable places or simply avoid obstacles in the water.
  • Anchoring with it is simple, safe, and fast.
  • You can use it to pull your anchor back out of the ground when you are done anchoring for the day.
  • If your current spot becomes uncomfortable or crowded, you can simply attach your boat to an anchor trolley and move to a new spot.
  • You can use it if you need to attach your boat to multiple anchors in order to keep it from drifting and staying where you put it.

Tips On How To Use Anchor Trolley?

If you want to use anchor trolly so here are some of the best tips that you need to keep in mind. Make sure that the boat is neutral before you use the anchor trolley.

  • Work on one side of the boat at a time when you’re pulling your anchor up or down with an anchor trolley so that it doesn’t swing around while it’s coming up or down.
  • Use more than one person to attach the anchor to the cable in order to ensure that it is safe and secure.
  • When you use an anchor trolley, be sure to raise it quickly so your boat won’t get stuck when you’re trying to move it.

Here are some safety tips that you need to consider during using anchor trolly

  • Make sure no one is standing in front of the rope when you pull up or down on the anchor trolley.
  • When you’re finished using the anchor trolley, make sure to put it in neutral again before moving your boat.
  • Never use an anchor trolley when you are in shallow water or right next to rocks or other obstacles that the cable might hit and damage them or cause injury.
  • If you are using the anchor trolley with multiple anchors, attach them to opposite ends of the winch on your boat for balance.
  • You need to practice using the anchor trolley in order to get good at it.
  • If you want to quickly move your boat out of an uncomfortable space, make sure there is enough cable out with your anchor on one end and the winch on the other.

Anchor Trolleys Vs Other Types Of Anchors

Here are some of the main points about anchor trolly vs other types of anchors

Heavy Weight With Sharp Tip

A traditional anchor uses a heavyweight with a sharp tip at the bottom of the water to dig into the ground and keep your boat in place.

This type of anchor is more likely to get caught underneath rocks or other objects hidden beneath the surface and it may be difficult to pull up if you need to move, depending on how it’s attached and the weight of the anchor.

Anchor Trolley Is Safer Option

It’s a far safer option than traditional anchors because it allows you to adjust your position without digging into the ground and it is easier to pull up when you need to move.

You can use an anchor trolley with weights, but they are not necessary if they don’t work for your boat or if there is a safer option available.

Easily Move Boat From One Place to Another

Anchor trolleys are the safest way to anchor your boat, especially if you have an inflatable one because they allow you to easily move your boat from place to place without digging into the ground and potentially sinking or damaging your boat.

It also gives you more range and flexibility than traditional anchors because you can simply pull up on the anchor cable and move your boat to a new location.

Anchor Trolly Don’t Damage Your Boat

Anchor trolleys offer huge advantages over traditional anchors because they don’t damage your boat and they allow you to easily move it from place to place without getting stuck in one spot.

You should use an anchor trolley whenever you can because they are a far safer option for your boat and anchor.


At the end of this article, I hope you have a good understanding of how to use anchor trolley. Anchor trolleys allow you to easily move your boat from place to place without getting caught on rocks or other objects in the water and they prevent expensive damage to your boat.


Q1. Do I need weights for my anchor trolley?

Anchor trolleys with weights attached are usually necessary, but they are not always suitable if they don’t work with your boat or if there is a safer option available.

Q2. What is the best type of anchor trolley to use?

Anchor trolleys are the safest way to anchor your boat and you should use them whenever possible, especially if you have an inflatable one. They allow you to move your boat with ease, which is especially helpful if you need to pick up your anchor quickly or reposition it for fishing.

Q3. What are some important precautions I should take when using an anchor trolley?

When you are first learning how to use an anchor trolley, you should attach a buoy to the end of your anchor line so you can easily spot it if it gets caught on something and becomes submerged.

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